Field Services

Vacancies are one of the most expensive aspects of owning income producing property. Turning your rental property around in a timely and economic way is the key to getting your rental property back on the market and getting your cash flowing again. We understand this because we are owners too, and we have worked over the years to perfect our system of property turn around.

All of our contractors / vendors are fully licensed and insured for your protection. Our contractors are available 24 hours a day for those emergency that can't wait.


Many rental property investors carry another full-time job, leaving them too short on time to turn their rental around, which can cost days and sometimes weeks. In many cases, turning on utilities is necessary before you can clean your rental, which also wastes time and money. Our full time contractors provide the supplies and equipment necessary for cleaning. After cleaning, disinfecting, and shining, your rental will sparkle...Oh, and we do windows! Turning your rental around just got a whole lot easier! Contact us today.


Putting a maintenance man on the job who understands how to get to the source of the problem can save you pile of money. Believe me, I have wasted enough money on an improper diagnosis. One maintenance person did not know that water heaters can sweat, causing water to drip into the flames. His diagnosis....the tank is leaking, you need a new one. Not only was this the wrong diagnosis in this case, it would have been an expensive one. Our maintenance personnel are trained to recognize the source of the problem and in many cases solve it with a minor fix.


We have an in-house sales team that specialize in residential new homes and resale, vacant lots and land, commercial and development property, and investment properties. One resource, one call, multiple solutions.